Principal Message

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On  behalf of the college family, I am highly pleased to welcome all the students seeking admission in M.B.Govt. P.G College, Haldwani.
Our College has been steadily marching ahead in its pursuit of academic excellence. The number of students in the college has continuously increased during last several years, and has reached to  around 14000 at present. The college has been categorized as a “Vishista Mahavidyalaya”  by Government of uttarakhand. NAAC has also assessed and accredited the college in B+ category.
We should not forget that we are in a country where even before  5TH century,  the education system was so excellent that students from all over the world used to come to India to study arts, culture, philosophy, science, yoga, literature and mathematics. Universities like Nalanda, Vikramshila, Takshila  were known all over the world for their excellence. This golden era is a history now . There is so much of deterioration in all fields of education that employability of a pass out from college/ universities is being questioned.
I feel that everywhere the teachers have , to a great extent, shirked their the responsibilities. It is of utmost importance that teachers should not only fulfill their teaching commitments but also inculcate among students universal values through their interaction with them, students should also be engaging them in extension activities that will make higher  education institutions relevant and  useful to the society and ensure that the students are able to apply their learning in real life. With the rise in enrolment of student, the responsibility of teachers  has also increased as they have to manage large classrooms, dealing with varying learning abilities and motivational levels of the students. They have to keep in mind the present circumstances where the student is used to the internet and technologies. All  these challenges  necessitate to the need for effective managerial and leadership skills both inside and outside the classroom. The task of overall development of future citizens is not so easy. The purpose is not so much to make them learned as to make them wise to give them understanding  of their own ends and the end of all things, Mahatama Gandhi ji has rightly said that the end of all knowledge must be building of character. R.N. Tagore says that education has its meaning and object in freedom-freedom from ignorance. 
A teacher has to work by heart as well as the head because many of the student have deep psychological disturbance in them. The effort should be for uniting the whole humanity for the well being of whole humanity by the way of conversion from religion to spirituality so that there is no caste, no creed or  to divide human beings on the earth.
The college is the best place to inculcate in students ideals and values of social work through NSS, NCC, Rover&Rangers etc. Apart from infusing dignity it helps cultivate a human trait- that of being able to contribute to the collective responsibility of society.
Education is not merely disseminating the information but it must  be used for developing right attitude and training of the “intellect”, It is the cornerstone of democracy and soul of an egalitarian society. Education  should allow a person to imagine  beyond what is. He should be trained to be a dreamer with dreams having relation to reality. Of all professions, teaching is perhaps, the most  complex and most difficult to practice. It is the only performance that nurtures human skill and capacities which help nation to thrive,May God, the almighty give all strength to our revered teachers to carry on their duty with all their will.
I hope and believe too that the students taking  admission will make their lives not only career while studying in the college by the coming disciplined, meek. Respectful, deligent and thoughtful.
I wish all of us will work harder to make our lives great and help the nation to become the leader of the whole world.
With all best wishes.

Dr. Rekha Pandey