Career Counselling Cell

A Career Counseling & Placement Cell, similarly caters to the needs of all the enrolled students through organising expert talks as relates to career guidance, motivational talks, and lastly, through organizing Campus interviews, or preliminary examination by local industrialists or organisation. The Career Counseling Cell, in fact remains an extension of the SC & ST Cell’s library, since both these two cells are adjacent to each, and thereby complement each other. During the last two years, this cell has been pivotal in organizing a number of Campus-based interviews; mention of few is warranted here- A preliminary selection exam for enrolment/employment in Azim Premji Foundation was held within the college premises in April 2021 and 2022; an invited lecturers rendered by (i) Prof. L P Verma on the topic ‘Career options in the research field in the subject of Physics in both National as well as International Research Institutes; and (ii) Academic career option in the field of Radio Astronomy by Mr. Jitendra Salal was organized, primarily focusing on the academic needs and aspirations of the students of the department of Physics in April 2022.

This apart, the cell is responsible keeping and maintaining the records of the achievements of the enrolled students in their different walks of life, not just limited to their fulfilment of job aspirations or career. Presently, Career Counseling Cell is looked after by Dr. Naval Lohani, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics. Interested students may contact him directly at his Mob: 9760388538.