B.Ed Course Detail

B.Ed. is succefully running in this college in two batches one batch is under Govt seats (total seats 50) and other is in self finance mode (total seats 50). B.Ed. is a two year degree course approved by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), Jaipur & affiliated to Kumaun University, Nainital in 1973. All the students who have appeared and passed in the Entrance Examination conducted by Kumaun University, Nainital are eligible to be considered for admission, which is on Merit Bases. Teachers play a very important role in a student's life. It is, to a great extent, the teachers who decide the shape a student's life will take. So, it is very necessary to be adequately equipped with resources that will make the teacher a perfect role model to the students. To achieve this, Bachelor of Education or B. Ed was introduced, which will teach a person about teaching and the various aspects associated with teaching.
Once a person completes the Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) coaching or training, then he is awarded with a B.Ed. Degree.

Vision of  the Department

  • —  To prepare human resources for the service of the society

  • —  To provide educational experiences to students in diverse learning environment.

  • —  Promoting the civic values and moral values in  materialistic society.

  • —  Creation of learning environment.

  • —  Dissemination of practical knowledge  to the weaker section of the society. 

Mission of the Department

  • —  To accelerate social and moral values among the students.
  • —  To relate education with practical life.
  • —  To provide qualitative education by applying research, innovation and best practices in the field of teacher education.
  • —  To prepare ideal teachers for providing progressive and right direction to the society
  • —  To fill the gap between In –Service and Pre-Service training programme.

Admission Details

Content Description
Number of Seats 50 (Govt.) + 50 (Self Finance)
Process of Admission Through Entrance Test Conducted by Kumaon University, Nainita


  • Well Equipped Labs
  • Rich Library cumreading room
  • Internet Facility
  • Facility for all Outdoor & Indoor Games 
  • Well equipped class rooms
  • High Tech Seminar Hall
  • Reading Room
  • Seperate toilet for  Staff and Students
  • ICT resource centre
  • Curriculum Labs


Alumni of B.Ed Department (Govt. mode )

Mr. Vinod  Giri  Goswami, Provincial Civil Services,Uttarakhand

Mr. Harish Chandra Kandpal  , Provincial Civil Services,Uttarakhand

Mr. Prashant   Arya, Provincial, Civil Services,Uttarakhand

Mr. Ajay Chaudhary , Provincial Civil Services, Uttarakhand

Mr. Tarun Pandey,  Provincial Civil Services,Uttarakhand

Dr. Anita Joshi, Associate professor (Deptt. of Hindi), Indira  Priydarshini Govt. Girls P.G. College Commerce Haldwani

Mrs. Maya Joshi, Assis. Prof.,L.S.M. Govt. P. G. College Pithoragarh

Dr. Deepak Murari, General Manager,District Industry Centre,Haldwani 



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