For Employers                       
The cell provides infrastructural facilities to employers for pre-placement talks and campus interviews. At the time of pre-placement talk the department provides audio –visual facilities to the employers. A hall attached with career guidance and placement cell is also used for managing the students willing to participate in interview process. The cell assures the employers about it support at every stage of Placement.The College has a multi-purpose air conditioned conference hall with seating capacity of 200 and as being a part of M.B.G.P G. College the cell uses this hall according to its need.
               The cell always requests the visiting employers to send feed back about the cell and about the students of college. Their suggestions are welcomed for upgrading the quality of the cell.

For Students
The cell facilitates the students by providing update career  information as per their needs .It provides  information of scholarships, competitive examinations ,academic courses and academic institutions for further academic development. It helps the students in preparation of higher education and for job searching. The department also displays information regarding vacancies and campus interviews on career counseling and placement cell notice board as well as college notice board. The department helps the students for facing the challenges of 21st century. In 21st century knowledge with presentation skill is must to compete. The cell organizes various programes to refine presentation and soft skills. Interview is the final phase of competitive examination and presentation skill plays an important role. So the department prepares students by organizing lectures on communication skills, interpersonal skills and computer related skills. Students can send feedback to us. The suggestion given by them will play important role in programming career aspects in future.

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