The scheduled meeting of the newly constituted IQAC team, along with the Heads of the Department was held on 25th September, in the newly established UGC-Reading Hall. The vision statement, drafted by the co-ordinator, IQAC, based on the 7 broad objectives of NAAC was discussed in an open forum. Inputs from the participants was solicited, the priorities and goals of each sub-committees formed, was streamlined. A detailed pamphlet incorporating the goals and objectives of IQAC, prepared separately for the Head of Department was circulated.

While the vision statement was appreciated by each participant, some of the inputs were the following:

  1. NSS (National Social Service) needs to be activated and be made part & parcel of the over-all mandate of the IQAC. It was decided that the In-charge, NSS, Dr. Deepa Singh, will be involved with the committee constituted for carrying out the extension activities.
  2. An academic forum will be established at the college level, constituted out of the members selected at department level, i.e., Student Association, which will be mandated with carrying out the different academic as well as cultural activities, inclusive of invited lectures, holding camps, etc within the college premises. Members of the sub-committee- Extension programmes will facilitate such initiatives by the academic forum.
  3. College ‘Annual Magazine’ need to be rejuvenated, and a notice to this effect- inviting articles from faculty as well as students should be circulated at the earliest. The editorial team has been constituted.
  4. A You-tube based channel, where all the recorded talks of the faculty could be uploaded and made accessible to the students.
  5. Lastly, it was decided that first talk under the forum of IQAC will be on IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) by Dr. Kamika Chaudhary. 


  1. Dr. Anita Joshi 
  2. Dr. Anju Bisht
  3. Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh
  4. Dr. Bharti Singhal
  5. Dr. Bharti Singhal
  6. Dr. Bhuwan Tiwari
  7. Dr. Charu Chandra Dhondiyal
  8. Dr. Dr. Kamla Pant
  9. Dr. Govind Bora
  10. Dr. Kamika Choudhary
  11. Dr. Kamruddin
  12. Dr. Kiran Karnatak
  13. Dr. Prabha Pant
  1. Dr. Rashmi Pant
  2. Dr. Rohit Kandpal
  3. Dr. Sanjay Khatri
  4. Dr. Sanjay Kumar
  5. Dr. Shanti Nayal
  6. Dr. Sharad Chandra Mishra
  7. Dr. Sheraj Ahmad
  8. Dr. Snigdha Rawat
  9. Dr. Sucheta Sah Mehta
  10. Dr. Suman Upreti
  11. Dr. T.B. Singh
  12. Dr. Tanuja Melkani
  13. Dr. Tara Bhatt 
  14. Dr. Usha Pant




The scheduled meeting of the newly constituted IQAC team, was held on 5th October 2021 in the IQAC Room. The vision statement, as relates to tasks relegated to each committee, based on the 7 broad objectives of NAAC were deliberated open. Inputs from the participants was solicited, the priorities and goals of each committee, was re-emphasized. Importantly, each committee was given a specific target to be achieved within the stipulated time frame, i.e around a month’s time.

Targets set forth were the following:


Target or goal

Time frame 


i. A workshop to be conducted for the teaching faculty related to Submission of Research Project or proposals.

ii. One workshop for the research scholars, especially for those enrolled in science

1 + 1= 2 workshops for the month of September

Students’ achievements

Certificate or verifiable proofs of 

i. The research scholars having completed their Ph. D/awarded

ii. Of University Toppers

iii. Of UGC or UGC-CSIR NET/GATE, SLET qualified students.

iv. NCC

v. Scouts & Guides

vi. Sports 

All relevant documents to be collected by the end of September 30th.


A baseline data of the space available with the college

By the 1st week of November 

Green Campus

i. Soliciting help of the Local administration of Nagar Nigam in waste removal from the college campus

ii. Gathering information from the related government Agencies UREDA and Swajal for the subsequent installation of Solar panels and water harvesting structures in the campus.

This preliminary work should be completed within 2 weeks

Alumni Association

i. Alumni Association to be registered as a Society

ii. First Meet with the Alumni

Within a week’s time


One meeting stipulated for the month of September 


PTA meet will wait for the regular teaching to start; however, a prior list of the parents/guardian needs to be prepared seeking the help of the admission committee

To be completed by the end of September

Extension programmes

i. A talk on IPR by Dr. Kamika Choudhary to be delivered to the Research scholars enrolled

ii. A talk on Plagiarism by Dr. C S Negi to be delivered (again) to the research scholars

iii. An invited talk on Faculty Induction by one of the experts.

For the month of September 



  1. Dr. Anju Bisht
  2. Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh
  3. Dr. Bharti Singhal
  4. Dr. C S Joshi
  5. Dr. Charu Chandra Dhondiyal
  6. Dr. Kamika Choudhary
  7. Dr. Kiran Karnatak
  8. Dr. Sanjay Khatri
  1. Dr. Sanjay Kumar
  2. Dr. Sanjay Kumar
  3. Dr. Shekhar Kumar
  4. Dr. Snigdha Rawat
  5. Dr. Tara Bhatt 
  6. Dr. Urvashi Upadhyay
  7. Dr. Usha Pant