Code of conduct for hod’s

  • The heads of departments should strive to lead manage and develop the department.
  • Should prepare the academic plan for every semester (or annual academic year, as the case may be) and should monitor or ensure proper implementation of the same in continual time frame manner.
  • To frame timetable and distribution of workload for proper implementation of the desired teaching outcomes.
  • To monitor and ensure classes are held according to the timetable.
  • Should be responsible for ensuring the educational progress and welfare of the students.
  • Should endeavour to involve them self along with the faculty members in the process of curriculum development and delivery.
  • Should supervise the attendance of the students in the classes both theory and practical.
  • Should strive to contribute to the overall development of the faculties of each student through the organisation of socially relevant task, their personality development, competition etc .
  • To conduct periodic meetings of faculty to plan and review department activities.
  • To arrange guest lectures, industrial visits, and webinars to encourage students to gain practical knowledge.
  • Consider students grievances and try to resolve them through ethical academic practice to monitor department/laboratory maintenance (where available).
  • To monitor and ensure the overall development of both slow and fast learners.