A Report (2020-22)

We have duly constituted the Alumni (dated 17th October 2021) and got it duly registered as a society in the name of ‘Samanwaya Puratan Chhatra Samiti’. Apart from the posts of President, vice-president, Secretary, and treasurer, the governing body is also aided by an under Secretary and two advisors. The prime aims of the Alumni body would be the following-

  1. Establishment of library and reading halls
  2. Extending financial help to bright SC and ST students 
  3. Raising awareness programmes against social evils as well as raising concerns about pollution, waste disposal, biodiversity conservation, and organising plantation or afforestation drives
  4. Organizing periodic literacy campaigns
  5. Extending help to the needy during epidemics or pandemics, drought, floods or environmental-related disasters.

Brief account of the meetings held till date

1st Alumni meet, dated 17th October 2021

The meeting of the alumni was organised in the college UGC-Reading Hall with the prime objective of constituting the elected body, who will then be reposed with the task of conducting and setting goals, as already mentioned above, at par with the guidelines and goals enshrined by NAAC. Apart from the representatives of IQAC, the meeting was attended by 22 alumni. After the due deliberation of the salient aspects of the tasks to be carried out by the proposed Alumni, being delivered by the Co-ordinator IQAC & NAAC, the house was invited to either nominate or volunteer for different posts. With all due formalities already met, i.e., the registration of the society as well as opening of a savings account in the name of the society, we will soon start out with the collection drive as part of the minimum fees towards registration of the Alumni members. It was decided that due registration of the body will soon be carried out, to make it functional. One of the Alumnus, Shri Jogendra Pal Singh Rautela, who is at present the Mayor of the City, volunteered to contribute 51,000/- as initial corpus fund for the newly constituted body. Accordingly, the following members were elected; the elected body and their portfolio are the following;


S. No Portfolio Name Mobile No. E-mail ID
1 President  Sh. Deepak Sanwal 7351516747
2 Vice-President Sh. Bhuwan Joshi 9410715377  
3 Secretary Dr. Tanuja Melkani 9012515370
4 Treasurer Sh. Ganesh Joshi 9927099014
5 Joint Secretary Sh. Jagmohan Pargein 8899293421
6 Advisor Dr. Ajay Pandey 9831134857
7 Advisor Sh. Chandra Prakash Tiwari 9359425221  
8 Advisor Sh. Rakesh Jain 9837431711  
9 Advisor Sh. Hitendra Upreti 9359422000
10 Convener Dr. Rashmi Pant 9411162527  
11 Member Dr. Usha Pant Joshi 9412410984
12 Member Dr. Amit Sachdeva 8171693191

2nd Alumni meet of the elected members, dated 31st October 2021

The meeting was called broadly to discuss the modalities to be adopted for the registration of the alumni, as well as how to solicit their support- financially, or registration fees, etc. The other major point of discussion was to get the body registered as Society at the earliest. Few members were delegated this task. Importantly, all the elected members duly submitted their testimonials, which were required for getting the registration process on.

3rd Alumni meet of the elected members, dated 29th March 2022

This urgent meeting was called upon to expedite the registration of the Alumni, and was attended only by the elected members. 

4th Alumni meet of the elected members, dated 8th April 2022

This urgent meeting was called upon to expedite the registration of the Alumni and to get the Alumni Registered as a Society at the earliest. The meeting was attended only by the elected members. 

5th Alumni meet of the elected members, dated 26th May 2022

This meeting was especially called for the Alumni members working in the college itself as teaching faculty to contribute financially towards the corpus fund. The meeting was organised in the principal’s chamber, and was attended by 23 faculty members (Alumni). A sum of 18,000/- was collected, which was duly deposited in the savings account opened in the name of the Alumni (Samanwaya Puratan Chhatra Samiti). The contributing Alumni were then thanked by the Convener of the Alumni, Dr. Rashmi Pant.