Mental Health & Counseling Cell


The Mental Wellness & Counseling Cell was established in February 2021 in the Department of Psychology. Mental health awareness is the ongoing effort to reduce the stigma around mental illness and mental health conditions by sharing our personal experiences. It's a youth-friendly cell where students can share any type of problems they are facing with the counselor as well as the psychiatrist, who would be visiting the Cell on the appointed date. It is well known that a significant number of youths are suffering from anxiety, which as per one study is around 9.4%, similarly depression (4.4%), and other behavioral problems, which again is around 8.9%. Towards amelioration of this growing mental health problem, the proposed mental Health & Counselling Cell will carry out the following-  

  1. Hold talks with the youths to understand and sort out the problem
  2. Educate them about mental well-being, through making social connections, or relations, so that they may be able to share their problems; lead an active mode of lifestyle, and take up or practice different modes of relaxation techniques.
  3. Motivate them to raise or remain positive, and encourage them to get relived o their anxiety or fears, or any other emotional problems through an outlet, which could be friends, relationships, etc.
  4. Taking recourse to the expertise available in the college, say, Department of Yoga, to undertake Yoga exercises for the benefit of the students suffering from anxiety, and else, through relaxation of mind.
  5. One of the prime goals of the Cell would be to impart a sense of meaning and purposefulness in life, to the students.

Achievements of the Mental Health & Counseling Cell

To date, around 400 students have benefitted from their visit to the Cell. Additionally, the Cell or the facility also holds workshops or awareness talks by inviting experts. The talks related to Mental Health issues. Henceforth, locally available expertise is sought in the form of clinical psychologists, counselors, and psychiatrists, from time to time. Needless to emphasize here, these talks have helped in raising awareness about the mental health-related issues amongst the youth, and have paved the way towards their behavioral, as well as emotional strengthening. The students are also involved in learning the basic techniques, and how to cope with the stressors and depressive symptoms. 




Plate- A invited psychiatrist holds a talk with the students