Research Scholars


Subject Name of the student Research Guide Registration number Mobile Number E-mail-ID
Chemistry       Jyoti Maheshwari Dr. S B Mishra KU15050897 8954720081 [email protected]
Chemistry Kiran Kunwar Dr. Anuradha Negi KU11051079 9548801583 [email protected]
Chemistry Manisha Joshi Dr. Anuradha Negi KU15054317 7500322299 [email protected]
Chemistry Preeti Joshi Dr. S C Mishra KU14065386 9720718974 [email protected]
Commerce   Preeti Mishra Dr. Baldev Ram 33002050 9927422006 [email protected]
Commerce Twinkle Prakash Dr. Baldev Ram KU15076423 7253993319 [email protected]
Computer Science     Lalita Bisht Dr. Kamika Choudhary KU0515096 9411589429 [email protected]
Computer Science     Manoj Singh Dr. Kamika Choudhary 33001820 9810412410 [email protected]
Computer Science     Shekhar Kumar Dr. Kamika Choudhary 33000046 9410913508 [email protected]
Economics Lakshmi Bisht Dr. Pankaj Kumar 13000615 9119092237 [email protected]
Economics Shivani Mehra   KU14076718 9870932886 [email protected]
Economics Sweta Mehra   KU14076739 9639696249 [email protected]
Education             Deepika Bhatt Dr. Tanuja Melkani KU12050750 7668773126 [email protected]
Education Pragya Chaubey Dr. Tanuja Melkani KU190765780015 8935098155 [email protected]
Education Rohit Kumar Kandpal   KU976321 9410132902 [email protected]
Education Sangeeta Rani Dr. Anita Joshi 33003281 9627249076 [email protected]
Education Sanyogita Dr. Renu Rawat KU13052908 9027955823 [email protected]
Education Surjeet Singh Kandari Dr. Savita Bhandari 33001808 9870907341 [email protected]
Education Tarun Kumar Dr. T C Pandey KU13036731 9012780231 [email protected]
English Literature   Aparna Kapil   KU14000984 8126792449 [email protected]
English Literature Bhawana Mauni Dr. Kavita Pant 33002926 8279647681 [email protected]
Geography Mahendra Chandra Dr. Gokul Satyal KU15002349 9557723567 [email protected]
Hindi Literature Farheen Dr. Asha Harbola 33001001 7088381706 [email protected]
History Jyotsana Bhatt Dr. Neeraj Ruwali KU14012690 7310568158 [email protected]
Mathematics     Himal Prasad Dr. Govind Pathak KU14061104 7060722283 [email protected]
Mathematics Krishna Chandra Badhani Dr. P S Mehra KU13061264 7895335140 [email protected]
Mathematics Manisha Kesharwani Dr. Rakesh Kumar KU14061789 9675793064 [email protected]
Mathematics Mukesh Chandra Dr. Govind Pathak KU01940 8477818783 [email protected]
Mathematics Sonam Gariya Dr. P S Mehra KU15052557 8532842179 [email protected]
Physics   Ruchi Chanyal Dr. Naval Lohani KU15053146 8954752795 [email protected]
Physics Swastik Srivastava Dr. Tara Bhatt 33000594 7055381098 [email protected]
Psychology               Himani Jeena Dr. Kiran Karnatak KU14002314 8979049753 [email protected]
Psychology Kavita Thapa Dr. Renu Jalal 33001878 9971874857 [email protected]
Psychology Km. Preeti Dr. Kamla Tiwari 33003465 8979329082 [email protected]
Psychology Neema Joshi Dr. Renu Jalal 33002102 9412039788 [email protected]
Psychology Prajwal Rastogi Dr. Rashmi Pant 33003640 7500689267 [email protected]
Psychology Rashmi Singh Dr. Meena Tripathi KU046266 9536771799 [email protected]
Psychology Renu Rawat Dr. Rekha Joshi 33001890 9084278302 [email protected]
Psychology Samriddhi Pathak Dr. Rashmi Pant KU14004421 7906515139 [email protected]
Sociology Shruti Singh Dr. M P Singh 33000193 8630461561 [email protected]
Zoology Kiran Negi Dr. Poonam Tripathi KU16050393 7505412061 [email protected]



Subject Name of the student Research Guide Enrolment Num. Mobile Number E-mail-ID
Botany Sunita Bisht  Dr. Nirmala Pargai KU14060472 9634831029 [email protected]
Botany Deepali Kothari  Dr. Nirmala Pargai   8979969543 [email protected]
Chemistry Himanshu Pandey Dr. Ameeta Tiwari KU10052005 7895360255 [email protected]
Chemistry Neelam Pathak Dr. Anuradha Negi KU10052412 7500736411 [email protected]
Chemistry Shivani Arya Dr. Bhuwan Joshi KU0411749 9690688525 [email protected]
Chemistry Gaurav Pandey Dr. Neeru Gupta KU 12051131 7895585306 [email protected]
Chemistry Raghuwar Singh Bisht Dr. Neeru Gupta KU13061468 7248878095 [email protected]
Chemistry Sandeep Kumar Chaudhary Dr. Priyanka Tewari KU13061540 8126373605 [email protected]
Chemistry Gunjan Bhatt Dr. Ameeta Tiwari   8960955710 [email protected]
Commerce Ramerica Oppliger Dr. C S Joshi KU14075591 7417476756 [email protected]
Commerce Mukesh Bisht Dr. Sanjeev Saxena      
Commerce Virendra Kumar Saini Dr. C S Joshi KU0560158    
Commerce Amit Kumar Tamta Dr. C S Joshi KU14078501 9536400874  [email protected]
Economics Ingita Chuphal  Dr. Usha Pant KU180875400035 9012631879 [email protected]
Economics Shakuntala  Dr. Usha Pant   9466604448 [email protected]
Economics Anuradha Bhatt  Dr. Usha Pant KU0976218    
Economics Sheela Fartyal Dr. Usha Pant KU13017824 7456841725 [email protected]
Economics Deepak   Dr. Usha Pant   9729723629 [email protected]
Economics Amit Joshi  Dr. Usha Pant KU12070123 9012968184 [email protected]
Economics Aditya Mishra  Dr. Bharti Singhal   9956202117 [email protected]
Education Rakshita Kandpal Dr. Anita Joshi KU012157 9411153531 [email protected]
Education Suresh Kumar Arya Dr. Anita Joshi KU921312 9675439826 [email protected]
Education Lalita Rawal Dr. Anita Joshi KU0901763 8126846911 [email protected]
Education Akansha Shaily Dr. Anita Joshi KU13052856    
Education Himanshu Sharma Dr. Chandrawati Joshi KU10004458 8297446192 [email protected]
Education Vineeta Vishwakarma Dr. Chandrawati Joshi KU0605189 8979104307 [email protected]
Education Hema Samant Dr. Chandrawati Joshi KU0637193 9557943450 [email protected]
Education Deepesh Chandra Joshi Dr. Chandrawati Joshi KU0780405 9456346227 [email protected]
Education Shanti Dr. Chandrawati Joshi KU10112437 7302180861 [email protected]
Education Harmeet Kaur Dr. Chandrawati Joshi KU0978805 8958732631 [email protected]
Education Kiran Arya Dr. Renu Rawat KU16115040 9720633586 [email protected]
Education Laxmi Joshi Dr. Renu Rawat   7906114373 [email protected]
Education Rakhi Tewari Dr. Renu Rawat KU 612784 8791643669 [email protected]
Education Shalini Singh Dr. Savita Bhandari KU0832050 9456383036 [email protected]
Education Manju Dr. Savita Bhandari KU10110282 7351687333 [email protected]
Education Rekha Rana Dr. Savita Bhandari KU15155809 8449747925 [email protected]
Education Kavita Tewari Dr. Shanti Nayal KU0701028 8057832265 [email protected]
Education Devendra Kumar Dr. Shanti Nayal   9458614395 [email protected]
Education Gopal Singh Dr. Shanti Nayal KU0926677 7579158557 [email protected]
Education Vinita Lal Dr. Shanti Nayal KU0751516 8218823950 [email protected]
Education Pooja Dr. Shubhra P Kandpal KU0978897 6398116060 [email protected]
Education Pappu Dr. Shubhra P Kandpal KU15096943 8650455783 [email protected]
Education Vineeta   Dr. Shubhra P Kandpal KU 0919093 9997748104 [email protected]
Education Preeti Arya Dr. Shubhra P Kandpal KU06106634 9997159080 [email protected]
Education Arjun Singh Jagera Dr. Shubhra P Kandpal KU19250063 9837730178 [email protected]
Education Arun Kumar Chaturvedi Dr. T.C. Pandey KU14095980 9450608657 [email protected]
Education Miss Nancy Raj  Dr. T.C. Pandey KU0966025 7409411222 [email protected]
Education Chanchal Kumar Dr. T.C. Pandey   9027833460 [email protected]
Education Varsha Pant Dr. T.C. Pandey KU0312614 6395227686 [email protected]
Education Yogesh Verma Dr. T.C. Pandey KU 10008802 8057781850 [email protected]
Education Swati Joshi Dr. Tanuja Melkani KU0823845 7017248895 [email protected]
Education Shikha Kothari Dr. Tanuja Melkani KU16096181 9675389340 [email protected]
English Nirmal Singh Mehta Dr. Hemant Kumar Shukla   9720249534 [email protected]
English Pooja Kohli Dr. Hemant Kumar Shukla KU15001022 9927169479 [email protected]
English Manisha Adhikari Dr. Kavita Bisht KU0706279 7534828353 [email protected]
English Naveen Chandra Dr. Kavita Bisht KU0510584 9997059326 [email protected]
English Piyush Tripathi Dr. Kavita Bisht KU15001022 8476965761 [email protected]
English Gulnaz Bi Dr. Kavita Bisht KU13016177    
English Nuzhat Khan Dr. Kavita Bisht      
English Tanuja Tamta Dr. Kavita Bisht KU 12011669 8791960986 [email protected]
Geography Miss Prabha Bohra Dr. Pushpa Pant KU05112232    
Geography Sanyogita Kumari Dr. T.B. Singh KU0743099    
Hindi Sarita Arya Dr. Chandra Khatri KU046432 9389817945 [email protected]
Hindi Mahesh Chandra Pant Dr. Chandra Khatri KU0913288 8954614044 [email protected]
Hindi Ayushi Dr. Deepa Gobari   8299429376 [email protected]
Hindi Deepa Arora Dr. Deepa Gobari   7579227823 [email protected]
Hindi Rakesh Lal Dr. Jagdish Chandra Joshi   9368063381 [email protected]
Hindi Prabhat Mishra Dr. Jayshree Bhandari   9415525028 [email protected]
Hindi Vijay Lakshmi Dr. Prabha Pant KU10026928 6396880070 [email protected]
Hindi Km Meena Devi Dr. Prabha Pant   8979197158 [email protected]
Hindi Arti Arya Dr. Prabha Pant      
Hindi Deeksha Pant Dr. Vimla Singh KU0857966 7900699469 [email protected]
History Shivani  Dr. Jyoti Tamta KU14016512 9639122157 [email protected]
History Khila Koranga Dr. Neeraj Ruwali KU0706148    
History Abhinav Pathak Dr. S.C. Tamta   9651386211 [email protected]
History Mohammad Yameen Dr. Siraj Mohmmad   7017286348 [email protected]
Home Science Shadab Jahan Dr. Lotika Amit KU017592 9012775805 [email protected]
Home Science Nidhi Melkani Dr. Sunita Bisht KU13062569 9368445581 [email protected]
Home Science Ankita Punetha Dr. Anju Bisht KU 7983253028 [email protected]
Home Science Kavita Mehra Dyarakoti Dr. Anju Bisht KU12003187 8755091726 [email protected]
Political Science Vipin Chandra Tamta Dr. Alka Sharma KU11051407 8958805224 [email protected]
Political Science Harish Chandra Dr. Sachin Rastogi KU12000949 9627479515 [email protected] 
Political Science Mamta Taragi Dr. Kailash Ch. Kaloni KU608260 740975184 [email protected]
Political Science Pankaj Singh Dr. Kailash Ch. Kaloni KU12050615 8650533796 [email protected]
Political Science Monu Bai Dr. Sachin Rastogi   8683998505 [email protected]
Political Science Megha Brijwal Dr. Kailash Ch. Kaloni KU14008532 9084034066 [email protected]
Psychology Subham Dr. Renu Jalal KU14061402 9808278862 [email protected]
Psychology Ruchi Bisht Dr. Rekha Joshi KU120511984 9808269498 [email protected]
Psychology Neha Aswal Dr. Rashmi Pant KU13003214 7248772524 [email protected]
Psychology Simran Kashmira Dr. Meena Tripathi KU 14004423 9761210489 [email protected]
Sanskrit Aarti Arya Dr. Vinay Vidyalankar KU13014124 7902014329 [email protected]
Sanskrit Makhan Lal Verma  Dr. Kamala Pant   8006299624 [email protected]
Sociology Shivam Diwakar Dr. Kamruddin KU15002842    
Sociology Simran Dr. Kamruddin KU14015360 7088697990 [email protected]
Sociology Km Kalpana Verma Dr. Kamruddin KU15714034 6398706207 [email protected]
Sociology Mamta Garwal Dr. Snigdha Rawat KU15025826 8476895429 [email protected]
Sociology Deepak Singh Dangwal Dr. Kamruddin KU13024918 8859078371 [email protected]
Sociology Seema Avaneesh Bisht Dr. M P Singh   9458961473 [email protected]
Zoology Ankush Verma Dr. Poonam Tripathi KU12070004 7579097645 [email protected]
Zoology Sana Dr. Poonam Tripathi KU13066212 9105933063 [email protected]
Zoology Ranjana Goswami Dr. C S Negi KU13060427 8755269667 [email protected]
Zoology Divya Rawat Dr. C S Negi KU13060299 7351513739 [email protected]