Code of conduct for students

Rules and Regulations

This Code shall apply to all kinds of conduct of students that occurs on the college premises including in College sponsored activities.
  1. He/She shall be regular and must have 75% attendance.
  2. Any act within the college campus that may violate or spoil the academic atmosphere in the college will not be appreciated and the student found guilty of such offence will be punished.
  3. Any act of discrimination (physical or verbal conduct) based on an individual’s gender, caste,  religion or religious beliefs, colour, region, language, disability, or sexual harassment, gender  identity, etc. is prohibited.
  4. Intentionally damaging or destroying college property or property of other students and/or faculty members, strict action will be taken.
  5. Unable to produce the identity card, issued by the college, or refusing to produce it on demand  by discipline committee members or by campus security guard is punishable offence.
  6. Unauthorized possession, carrying or use of any weapon, ammunition, explosives, weapons, fireworks, contrary to law or policy is punishable offence.
  7. Smoking in the college campus and splitting is prohibited.
  8. Parking a vehicle in a main gate of college and inside college campus is prohibited. Each students should park his/her vehicle at the parking place in middle gate of college (near post office).
  9. Students are not permitted to provide audio and video clippings of any activity on the campus to media without prior permission.
  10. It is ideal that students should wear casuals/formal dress. Short shirts/tops and low waist  trousers exposing body parts strictly prohibited.
  11. Use of Mobile phones in the college campus is prohibited.
  12. Ragging is a punishable offence.
  13. A student may not knowingly provide false information or make misrepresentation to any College office. In addition, the forgery, alteration, or unauthorized possession or use of College documents, records, or instruments of identification, forged or fraudulent  communications (paper or electronic mail) are prohibited.

all the bonafide students of the Moti Ram Babu Ram Government Post graduate College, Haldwani (Nainital) should note that the college has constituted the following cells (and the committees) for the overall development of the enrolled students as well as to address their grievances, or well-being. students are thus advised and encouraged to refer to the notices issued by the committees or cells and departments, from time to time. additionally students are encouraged to participate in the activities or the events organised under the banner of these undermentioned committees, as well as should abide by the rules laid down by the college administration, or the head of the department.

Statutory committees on extension cells of the college

S.No Committees Headed by Department
  Academic staff committee Dr Prabha Pant Hindi
  AISHE Dr Kanika Chaudhary computer science
  Anti-ragging cell Dr MP Singh sociology
  Carrier counselling cell Dr Naval Lohani physics
  College Alumni Dr Rashmi Pant psychology
  COLLEGE Reading Hall Dr CS Negi zoology
  Construction and maintenance Dr Mahesh Kumar zoology
  Eco-club Dr Nelofer Akhtar English
  EDUSAT Dr Tara Bhatt physics
  Equipment purchase and technical development Dr Naval Lohani physics
  Ethical committee Dr BR Pant geography
  Examination committee Dr Mahesh Kumar zoology
  Grievance read wrestle cell Dr Bharti Singhal economics
  IQAC and NASA Dr CS Negi zoology
  Legal cell Dr HS bhakuni history
  Library Commitee Dr. Kamruddin Alam sociology
  NCC Dr Vijay Joshi
Dr Jyoti Tamta
Amit Sachdeva
  NSS Dr Deepa Singh home science
  Parents teachers Association Dr Tara Bhatt physics
  Poor student welfare cell Dr chander Khatri Hindi
  Proctorial board Dr Pankaj Kumar Dr Sanjay Khatri commerce
  Purchase committee Dr Pankaj Kumar economics
  Rovers and Rangers Dr Govinda avara music
  RTI Dr Suresh Tamta   history
  RUSA Dr Naval Loney physics
  SC/ST and minority cell Dr Suresh Tamta history
  Sexual harassment cell Dr Deepa Gobari  Hindi