A G.K quiz competition was organized on 11 August, 2023 in the B.Ed

A G.K quiz competition was organized on 11 August, 2023 in the B.Ed. department.It was organized by B.Ed. 4th semester students. At the beginning Shubham Singh Negi and Gaurav Sati took the lead and started the Quiz. 

There were a total of 4 rounds in the competition. There were total 12 teams, which comprised solely of students from B.Ed. 2nd Semester. The Questions asked were from a wide range of topics from Uttarakhand,Geography,History,Science,Current Affairs etc.This was an exciting competition,not only participants were taking interest but students sitting as audience seemed very excited and enthusiastic.

Round first to forth was handled by Meenakshi Binwal and Mayank Singh Pilkhwal. Kajol and Ranjeet, Pooja and Bhawan, Harshita and Neeraj respectively. The Scores of the quiz were recorded by Dheerendra  Binwal and Pankaj Bhatt.Harish Chandra Paneru,Narendra Singh and Anand Sati secured first position.The group of  Yogesh Singh Danu ,Shravan Kumar and Tribhuwan Singh Dasoni got second rank and team  comprised of Pooja Rautela,Vicky Singh and Namita Salal secured third  position .The event ended with the felicitation from faculties of. B.Ed. Department Dr. Anita Joshi,Dr. Savita Bhandari and Dr.Renu Rawat.