Rules & Regulations

General Rules : 

  1. It is necessary for the students to strictly follow the dates in the notices issued by the college from time to time.
  2. Students are responsible for maintaining peace and order in the campus and not disturbing classes.
  3. Students will contact in-charges concerned and dean student welfare for solving their problems. Under no circumstances, students will not be able to directly meet the principal.
  4. Necessary information are put on the notice board for running the college. Students are advised to pay attention to the notices put on the notice board.
  5. Students are expected to be disciplined and follow the following strictly:
  • Putting any kind of poster or banner in the college campus and boundary is prohibited.
  • Carrying any kind of firearms in the college campus is a crime and an FIR will be immediately lodged if a student is found with firearm.
  • Smoking in the college campus and spitting is prohibited.
  • College property is the property of students. Each student is duty bound to safeguard furniture.
  • Students of the college are expected to be aware about cleanliness and environment building in the college.
  • Parking vehicles near the main gate and college campus is a punishable offence. Each student will part his vehicle at the parking place only.
  • Use of mobile phones is prohibited in the college campus.

Academic Assessment Procedure

  • Admission Process

    1. Candidates who will take admission in any programme is only through online Portal of Kumaun University. 
    2. The candidates will be interviewed for admission. They must be personally present before the admission committee at the time of interview with their original certificates, get admission recommended and get their signatures attested. Admission will be granted on depositing original transfer certificate and character certificate. Identity card of the College will be completely filled along with admission application form and the same will be given to the candidates as soon as he deposits the fee. The candidates will have to be compulsorily present before the admission committee and it will not be possible to grand admission in case a candidate remains absent.
    3. For girl students, separate Committees will be formed if the number of girl applicants are substantial.
    4. The candidates whose admission is sanctioned will have to deposit the prescribed fee within the prescribed period on the Bank extension counter in the College. Failure to do so will lead to automatic cancellation of the admission and the next candidate in merit will be given admission.
    5. In case of failure to get admission in a particular faculty, the same admission form may not be used for admission to another faculty. If a candidate does not hope to get admission in a particular faculty and if he is desirous of seeking admission in another faculty, he may apply separately for admission to such faculty before the prescribed date.
    6. Consideration under admission rule 1-12 of the university will be possible only when regular student submits medical certificate to the effect and an affidavit with regard to the reason.
    7. Time table will be pasted on the notice board immediately after the last date of admission and teaching shall commence accordingly.
    8. It is compulsory for each student to carry identity card. Entry to the college campus without identity card is prohibited.
    9. To prevent misuse of the identity card, the arrangement has been made that in case of loss of the identity card, the student concerned will submit an application with affidavit to the Proctorial Board to this effect. The Proctorial Board will make a detailed inquiry and issue a second copy of the identity card after Rs 30 have been deposited. If a student is caught with a forged identity card, the college administration will initiate disciplinary and legal action against the student.
    10. Students passing compartmental examination will not be considered for admission after the admission date is over.
    11. Change of faculty and subjects will be allowed conditionally.
    12. Student failing in any class will not be re-admitted to the same class. 

    University Admission Rules

    Effective from the academic session 2007-08, Kumaun University has changed admission rules, both for the campus and affiliated colleges.  These rules are diveded into following :
    Chapter 1: General Rules
    Chapter 2: Rules for Preparation of Merit List for Admission to Graduate and        
                      Post Graduate Classes in Arts, Science and Commerce Faculties

    Only 10% seats are available at the graduation level for the students hailing from outside the state.
    In the year 2008-09, campus/colleges will be made available OMR sheet along with the examination forms. It will be compulsory for each candidate to submit the same along with admission application form.

    Note: These rules have been translated from the original text of rules in Hindi. In case of any discrepancy, the original text in Hindi will be treated as final.
    Chapter 1: General Rules
     Admissions to the classes will be done by Dean of the faculty concerned/Principal under the rules framed by the University Admission Committee. The number of seats in each college and the campus in Science and Commerce subjects will remain the same as in earlier years. Under no circumstances the number of seats will be increased without the prior sanction of the Vic e -Chancellor on the recommendation of Coordinating Dean/Faculty Dean/Principal. Admissions in excess of the number of seats fixed will not be admissible. The authority concerned will be fully responsible for following these rules.
    1.2. No admission will be granted after the last date of admission determined by the university and any admission done after this date will be treated as cancelled.
    1.3 Each student and his/her parents will have to sign the following affidavit before the admission. The signature of the candidate in the affidavit will be countersigned by the Principal/University Teacher. All the certificates attached to the application form will compulsorily self-attested by the student concerned.
    1.4 If any student is detained by the police/administration for any criminal activity, he/she will be immediately suspended from the campus/college during the period of detention and in case of his/her conviction, the admission will be cancelled.
    1.5 If any course is available in the campus/college in vicinity of the residents of a particular area, generally students from such area will not be given admission in the campus/college of other areas. If because of some special reason, any student has been given admission, such student will not be allowed the facility to change subject/faculty.
    1.6. At the time of admission, generally priority will be given to those students who have passed qualifying examination from any college/post graduate college/university campus in the Kumaon Region.
    1.7. The number of seats will be determined on the basis of the number of teachers available for any course, space in laboratories and availability of resources.
    1.8. (a) Any person who has been convicted by the court on charges of moral turpitude or violence will not be given admission. If after the admission the court convicts such person on charges of moral turpitude or violence, such admission will be cancelled. 
           (b) If any candidate seeks admission in any class in any campus of the university/college in a fraudulent way, his/her admission will be cancelled by the concerned Dean/Principal. Such a student will not be given admission in the university/college. Information about such admission seekers will be given by the college to the university.
          (c) If any case is pending against any student in a court and he/she has been released on bail, admission of such student may be considered if he/she is eligible under the rules.
    1.9. Dean/Principal or authority concerned for admission may deny/cancel admission on their volition. Their decision will be final in this regard.
    1.10. No candidate who has been punished for indiscipline or use of unfair means in any campus of the university/college, will not be granted admission in any campus of the university/college. List of the students using unfair means will be sent to the colleges/campuses immediately after the completion of the examinations by the Registrar.
    1.11. Admission granted to any student may be cancelled by the authority concerned if he/she fails to submit migration certificate within the given time frame.
    1.12. A student who has secured regular admission, but has failed to take examination because of illness or any other valid reason may be given re-admission in the same class, subject or faculty provided he/she is eligible under other rules of the admission.
    1.13. Any candidate who has secured admission in any class properly with a practical subject, but could not take examination the same year because of a valid reason, he/she may be allowed to take examination of the same class as a private candidate provided he/she deposits a fee of Rs 100 (Rupees One Hundred Only) per practical subject three months prior to the commencement of the examination.
    1.14. Candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes will be given reservation in various courses as per letter No.-1144/Karmik-2-2001-53(1)/200 dated July 18, 2001 of the Government of Uttaranchal as under:
      1. Scheduled Castes 19 per cent
      2. Scheduled Tribes 04 per cent
      3. Other Backward Classes 14 per cent (for non-  
                                                                              creamy layer candidates)
      Note: The following horizontal reservation will be available to women, ex-servicemen, disabled and dependents of freedom fighters;
      1. Women 20 per cent
      2. Ex-servicemen 02 per cent
      3. Physically Challenged 03 per cent
      4. Dependents of freedom fighters 02 per cent
      (Woman/person belonging to a group will be given horizontal reservation of the same group)
    1.15. As per directives received from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi, Kashmiri displace students will be given the following facilities in admissions:
      (i) Extension in date of admission by about 30 days.
      (ii) Relaxation in cut-off percentage up to 10 per cent subject to minimum eligibility requirement.
      (iii) Increase in intake capacity up to 5 per cent course wise.
      (iv) Reservation of at least one seat in merit quota in technical/professional institutions.
      (v) Waiving of domicile requirements.
      (vi) Facilitation of migration in second and subsequent years.
    1.16. A benefit of 5 per cent marks will be given for admission in each class/subject to son/daughter/husband/wife/real brother/sister of the teachers/officials/non-teaching staff members working in Kumaon University/associated colleges. This benefit will be available only for the candidates having minimum qualification.

    The benefit of marks obtained under the above will not be given for determining minimum qualification. This will be used only for determining merit list.

    If admission seekers in under graduation/post graduation fall in the following category, they will get the benefit of marks mentioned against their category on production of requisite certificates:
      (a) NCC 'B', 'C' or 'G' Part 1, G 2 certificate holders 25 marks
      (b) Participation in special camps (at least 10 days) under NSS 20 marks
      (c) Working or retired defence employees or their son/daughter/husband/wife/real brother/sister  20 marks
      (d) Son/daughter/husband/wife/real brother/sister of para-military force members posted in Jammu and Kashmir and displaces from Jammu and Kashmir or their son/daughter/husband/wife/real brother/sister 20 marks
      (e) Students participating in first eleven team of the university 20 marks
      (f) Participants of inter-college Rovers and Rangers rally organised by the university, or participants of 10 day camp and holders of certificate given by the Education Director, Higher Education 20 marks
      (g) Sports persons participating in national level competitions organised by the Government and who have been issued certificate for this by the District Inspector of Schools 20 marks
      (h) Sports persons getting state level medal (on playing in inter-university team in joint university competions)
    Any student who has participated in inter-university sports competitions as university team or who was member of high level teams of similar level, or has participated in debate competitions/cultural programmes/exhibitions of high level 25 marks
      (i) Participation in international competitions 50 marks
      Note: Candidates in the above categories will get benefits, subject to maximum 50 marks.
    The benefit of marks will not be given for determining minimum eligibility for any class. This will only be used for determining merit list.
    1.17. Subject to availability of seats and eligibility of students, change of subject/faculty may be granted within 15 days of the last date of admission. After the expiry of this time limit, no change of subject/faculty will be granted under any circumstances.
    1.18. Under the rules of admission, except law and education, a maximum period of study of eight years (five years for under graduation and three years for post graduation) from the date of admission in first year of under graduation will be granted. Admissions after this period will be deemed illegal and degree in the class/subject will be cancelled. Any candidate who has passed post graduation examination with any subject will not be allowed admission in another subject in post graduation class under any circumstances.
    1.19. Generally no student will be given admission in affiliated colleges of Kumaon University/campuses without transfer certificate (TC). In special circumstances, after grant of admission, transfer certificate will have to be necessarily deposited, otherwise their admission may be cancelled. Candidates seeking admission at the post graduation level will have to submit migration certificate.
    1.20. For seeking admission in each faculty/department, the student will have to apply in the faculty concerned on prescribed application form.
    1.21. In an academic year admission to only one course/degree/diploma will be granted (except Diplomas/Certificates permitted by University Grants Commission or Uttarakhand Government and conducted in different affiliated colleges). If a candidate seeks admission in more than one course/degree/diploma, all admissions will be cancelled.
    1.22. 75 per cent attendance is compulsory in the classes for each student. Under special circumstances, Dean/Principal may relax this up to 5 percent and on their recommendation, the Vice-Chancellor may relax this up to 10 per cent. The students having less than prescribed attendance will be warned by December 31. The students who have attendance shorter than minimum prescribed will not be allowed to appear in the examination.
    Note: This is the English translation of Hindi version. In case of any discrepancy the Hindi version will be regarded as final.

    Chapter 2: Rules for Preparation of Merit List for Admission to Graduate and        
                      Post Graduate Classes in Arts, Science and Commerce Faculties

    2.1. Admissions to the first year of under graduate classes will be granted by the Faculty Dean/Principal on the basis of merit list of marks obtained in Intermediate examination.
    (a) Eligibility for admission to the first year of under graduate classes in the Faculties of Arts, Science and Commerce will be as under within the availability of seats and order of merit:
      (1) For Arts Faculty Intermediate with 40 per cent marks(40 per cent will mean 40 per cent and not 39.9 per cent)
      (2) For Science Faculty Intermediate with 45 per cent marks(45 per cent will mean 45 per cent and not 44.9 per cent)
      (3) For Commerce Faculty Intermediate with Commerce subject with 40 per cent marks or Intermediate with Arts/Science with 45 per cent. Preference will be given to the students who have passed Intermediate with Commerce subjects and least preference will be given to students passing Intermediate with vocational courses.
      (4) For admission to undergraduate first year course, marks of students passing Intermediate examination from Uttarakhand Board will be treated as base and marks of students passing Intermediate examination from ICSE and CBSE boards will be deduced by 10 per cent.
     For Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes 5 per cent relaxation in prescribed eligibility will be granted for admission in all the faculties.
    2. While preparing eligibility, 10 per cent benefit will be given to the students passing qualifying examination from any college in Kumaon region and 5 per cent to the students passing such examination from rest of Uttarakhand.
    (b) If any student has faced break in the studies after passing the qualifying examination and has not failed after seeking admission in any other university, he may be granted admission by deducing 5 per cent marks per year of gap.
    2.2. Admissions to B Ed and M Ed classes in the campus of Kumaon University and affiliated colleges will be given under the rules framed by the Government.Admission process and eligibility for admission to Tourism Diploma, Computer Diploma, B Pharma, Biotechnology, E-Commerce, BBA, BCA, BHMCT, B Tech, B Sc(IT), M Sc(IT), MCA, B E Com, B Lib Sc, etc., will be determined separately.
    2.3. Sons/daughters/husband/wife/real brother/sister transferred to the university/college area will be granted admission after securing necessary certificate if the wards have been admitted to some university/college in their earlier place of posting. This facility will only be given if the syllabus of earlier university/college is similar to that of Kumaon University or the college has available all the subjects offered by the ward.
    2.4. Such students who have passed graduation first/second year examination without practical examinations as private candiates and have minimum eligibility for first admission in graduation first year/second year, may be granted admission in second/third year subject to availability of seats. The number of seats will be according to the number seats in the first year of the course. Similar arrangements will be applicable for the admission in second year post graduate classes.
    2.5. Principals of the colleges which have total student strength less than 600 like Rajakiya Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Haldwani, Rajakiya Mahavidyalaya, Berinag, Musyari, Baluakot, Bajpur, syalde, Maanila, Gangolihat, Chaukhutia, Narainnagar, Jainti, Ganna Krishal Girls College, Kichchha, Chandrawati Tiwari Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Kashipur, Champawat, Dwarahat, Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Almora, BSB Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Jaspur, Sanatan Dharma Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Rudrapur and Gurunanak Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Nanakmatta may grant relaxation in minimum eligibility (40 per cent) keeping in view the facilities available and unfilled seats. Students admitted under this facility will not be granted admission/transfer in any other college/campus.
    2.6. In non-teaching activities, candidates will not be eligible for admission/examination in post graduation first year without clearing eligibility course under national, state or inter-university grants commission's notification of 1998.
    2.7. For admission to post graduation first year, it will be compulsory to obtain 40 per cent in Arts and Commerce Faculties and 45 per cent in Science Faculty in eligibility degree/course.
    2.8. Candidates eligible for improvement will given provisional admission on submitting a written undertaking under the admission rules and within the prescribed date. No provisional admission will be given for any new course/degree.
    2.9. Rules for admission to post graduation first year:Calculation of Index for M Sc Admission.The following formula would be used for Admission to M Sc I Class:I = X+2Y+2ZI=Merit IndexX=Marks obtained in Practicals at B Sc LevelY=Marks obtained in theory at B Sc Level(This would include all the subjects taken at B Sc Level)Z=total Marks obtained in theory at B Sc level in the Subject in which admission is sought at M Sc I class.(Admission would be given in M Sc only in one of the subjects taken at the B Sc level)Admission to MA and M Com will be given as per merit list prepared on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying examination.
     Candidates from the State will be given benefit of 5 per cent, that is, 150 marks, in the merit index.
    2. Candidates from the State will be recommended admission on a maximum of 10 per cent seats if they figure in the Merit, but in case of vacancy this limit may be relaxed.
    3. Merit list prepared by the campus/college for admission of students will have to be produced if the university demands so.
    2.10 The following rules will be followed for admission to post graduate classes in various subjects under Arts Faculty:
    1. B Sc and B Com students passing the examination in second division will be considered eligible for admission in al the subjects in post graduate first year of Arts Faculty having no practical subjects.
    2. For admission to post graduate first year (geography), students passing B Sc in second division will also be eligible.
    3. Candidates passing graduation with Arts subjects in second division will be eligible for admission to subjects of Arts Faculty which do not have practical examination. Except for geography, only those students will be eligible for admission to a particular subject having practical who had offered the same subject at the graduation level.
    4. For admission to PG Diploma in Tourism, the minimum eligibility is 45 per cent marks in graduation level or 50 per cent marks in post graduation level. If necessary they will have to take an entrance examination and a merit list prepared.

    Candidate has to register for all the subjects of a semester to which he/she is eligible at the beginning of each semester according to the scheduled dates.

  • A candidate is permitted to register for the next higher
    semester after completion of a semester course, irrespective of the results in his previous semester papers.
  • A Candidate can continue to register for higher semester in a similar way along with his registration in failed subjects of earlier semester for that degree.
  • A candidate has to finish the degree programme with in twice the duration of the academic programme for that degree.

Academic Assessment Procedure

  1. The academic assessment in each subject is based on the Internal Term-End Examinations conducted by the University.